Insulated Water Bottles

The days of the dedicated thermos flask are long gone. Our range of insulated water bottles mean you can drink cold drinks or hot drinks from the same bottle. They have developed in to the perfect multi-taskers to take you from summer to winter with ease. Any insulated drink bottle with a sports lid is only suitable for drinking cold liquid through. Anything with a screw lid will be suitable for hot drinks as well. For those bottles that will take two different style lids, you can use the same bottle all year round. The Camelbak Eddy are only suitable for cold drinks, but you can always get spares for Camelbak Water Bottles and the Chute lid will fit this bottle if you want to store hot liquid in it.

Just drinking coffee? Check out our reusable coffee cup range for a wide selection of resuables. The range of coffee mugs from Cheeki are stainless steel vacuum insulated and have leakproof lids like these bottles do.

BUDGET BUYS - Avanti are always on sale. Budget price with premium quality and fun prints. Only available with the screw lid as seen on the bottle.
INSULATED LID FOR LONGER INSULATION - Cheeki have an insulated lid and silicone on the underside so no plastic touches your water. A worthy investment and sports lids are available to purchase to take this bottle from summer to winter with ease.


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