Water Filter Jugs - remove up to 99.99% of fluoride and chlorine

Our water filter jugs are high performance and cost less to run than budget jugs from the supermarket. Our premium jug, the Waters Co Bio Mineral Pot removes 99.99% of the fluoride from your drinking water and comes with a filter cartridge kit that lasts for 2 years with your initial purchase, costing approx 2 cents per litre to run. Why not pair your water jug with a 2 litre water bottle so you can filter enough water for a day and carry it with you or keep your filtered water in the fridge.

WHICH JUGS FILTER OUT FLUORIDE?Waters Co 1.9L jug (99.99%), Waters Co Waterman 600ml portable (up to 99%), Eco Bud Glass Jug (up to 98%)


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