Reusables - Beat the War on Waste!

When the ABC launched their War On Waste series in May 2016, the reusables movement went mainstream. Just 12 months on, the major supermarkets are banning single use plastic bags and are being driven by a vocal customer base who are telling them enough is enough. Here at Shop Naturally, we have always been ahead of the movement with reusable products. We believe that REUSE TRUMPS RECYCLE and every effort should be made to reuse products instead of opting for single use products, whether they can be recycled or not.

There are simple things that every day Aussies can do to help beat this war on waste - carry a water bottle with you, choose a reusable coffee cup instead of a single use one, carry your own reusable shopping bags when you're out (we even have options to hang off your keyring). When you're doing takeaway, reusable cutlery and lunch boxes are always a great idea. We even have a reusable replacement for cling film. The reusables industry are innovating all the time. We have one of the widest selections available in Australia. Browse below or use our CATEGORIES list to the left to narrow your search.


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