One of the more costly things we do in store is ship water to people. Ecyo created a solution for that. While we don't sell water, many pre-made cleaning products are diluted with water, ready to use. It makes shipping charges more expensive than they need to be. While concentrated cleaning products are nothing new, they are usually still made with water, just less of it, like they do with the famous Dr Bronner's Castile Soap that has been around for an incredibly long time. For true eco value and a more cost effective way to ship around natural cleaning products, it's not enough to just have half as  much water or a quarter as much water, they need to be ultra concentrated. Enter Ecyo.

Ecyo are an Australian brand who make ultra concentrated cleaning pods that don't require 20 minutes in the kitchen and washing up to make them up. The slender pods are filled with a highly concentrated liquid that simply slips in to a spray bottle. Any spray bottle that has a spray nozzle will have a wide enough opening to take an Ecyo Cleaning Pod. Each pod makes anywhere between 300ml to 750ml of liquid, depending on how concentrated you want the end result, and that could simply depend on the size of the bottle you have or how stubborn your cleaning job is.

What's in The Ecyo Cleaning Pod range?

There are 6 spray concentrates + dishwashing tablets, all packaged plastic free. At the time of writing this post, each pod pack was $12.95 for 3 pods, making each one approx $4.30 each, putting them in the ballpark of the price of chemical based cleaners from the supermarket that come in plastic.

Ecyo Multipurpose Concentrated Cleaning Pods

With a citrus boost, use the multipurpose for every day cleaning. If you have something ultra grubby, you can choose to make this one up with less water, or there is a stronger product in the range.

Ecyo Bathroom Concentrated Cleaning Pods

Showers, sinks, toilets, it will do them all. The plant based surfactants in the bathroom spray are boosted with eucalyptus essential oil.

Ecyo Antibacterial Concentrated Cleaning Pods

Say goodbye to germs with this spray boosted with tea tree essential oil and benzalkonium chloride with antimicrobial properties to help combat bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Ecyo Kitchen Degreaser Concentrated Cleaning Pods

For truly built up grease, stovetops, bbq's, you really do want to step up to the degreaser. When we were first given a tester of the range, it's the first bottle I made up and the stove top was horrendous. It works really well. Make ultra concentrated for bbq's.

Ecyo Hard Floor Concentrated Cleaning Pods

This is one pod you don't make up in a spray bottle. This substitutes your floor cleaner and makes up around 750ml of liquid that you then use in a mop bucket. You can make up in a spray bottle for spot cleaning but most people use this one as a concentrate for bucket and mop cleaning.

Ecyo Window Concentrated Cleaning Pods

If there's one dedicated cleaning spray you really need besides a multi, it's glass. You can do your glass and stainless steel, and at a pinch, your bathroom too. For a streak free finish you just cannot get from a multi. Scented with Eucalyptus essential oil.

How do you make up an Ecyo Cleaning Pod?

It's really easy. We have had concentrates in store before that required melting on a stove and stirring and while they worked well, they were fiddly to make. Simply drop a pod in to the bottle and give it a swirl. It really is that simple. Just use warm water so it dissolves quickly.

Ecyo Dishwashing Tablets

The 'odd one out' this is the only cleaning product in the range from launch that's not a liquid spray concentrate. The dishwasher tablets have excellent reviews on the manufacturers website and are selling well for us. They road tested well in my own dishwasher. They will rival your supermarket tablets while being eco friendly using activated charcoal, sodium carbonate and oxygen based bleaching agents. Rinse aid action is built in along with limescale protection.