Water Beads & Kids Play Time

Welcome to our Kids Play Time category. We are still developing the range here and are excited to introduce Bio Dough, the food grade natural play dough. It smells amazing, feels great but tastes super salty to deter little ones from wanting to eat it.

You will find a range of colour options for Water Beads for supervised sensory play. All the play time products in this category are safe for kids as long as they used and supervised appropriately. Please note that our Water Beads have been tested for Australian standards and they are a choking hazard for children 3 years and under. For children aged 4 and up, all play time must be supervised. The beads start off the size of hundreds and thousands and expand significantly once soaked in water. The unsoaked beads in particular must NEVER be left with children unattended. Once fully expanded, they're slippery slimy fun, great for supervised sensory play, colour sorting, developing fine motor skills, to decorate a fairy garden and endless creative choices.

Adults can use water beads for stress release by diving their hand in to a bowl and enjoying the slimy sensation. Buy them in single colours, a rainbow pack for colour sorting or find them in the Fun Box from No Nasties, Australia's leader in play makeup for kids.


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