No Nasties Safe Play Makeup for Children

Little girls love to copy their mums and use colour and play to explore life. Dress ups and adventure are all a natural part of play. No Nasties Kids Play Makeup was created and formulated by Australian mum Natalia Michael, who wanted something safe and natural for her little ones. Natalia herself has 43 confirmed medium to high grade allergies, so safey and natural were vital for her. There's a childrens makeup set perfect for you, available in two different sizes in colour choices pink, purple and the stunning turquoise.

Water Based Nail Polish is by far the safest option for little ones and is safer for little ones who put fingers in their mouths and chew nails. Our 10-Free natural nail polish formulas for adults are not the best option for really little ones, we prefer to recommend the water based options from No Nasties for them.


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