Kiddi Kutter - cuts food not fingers

For budding Junior Masterchef's, the Kiddi Kutter is the knife designed to cut food not fingers. Available in 2 designs, the original is a narrow blad with saw shaped teeth. The knife is used in a sawing motion to cut through food. We have cut through a carrot with one. They make a little bit of a mess due to the blade, but this mess happens with the food, not fingers!

The Wide Blade design is a scalloped edge, using a thinner and wider blade. It's easier to use and makes less mess and can also be used to spread butter, jam or peanut butter. It's the perfect knife for your kids to make their own sandwiches. ADULT ALERT !! The Wide Blade is the perfect avocado knife for adults who insist on cutting an avocado IN their hands and towards the fleshy part of your hand.


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