Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

We all know that cars can get a musty smell, and those trips home from sporting events can be an interesting experience as well. Car air fresheners that hang from your rear vision mirror are made using artificial scents and are a driving hazard. Freshen the air in your car safely by diffusing essential oils to freshen the air. We have two different styles available.

AIR VENT DIFFUSERS - for a subtle aroma through the car, these small round diffusers sit in your air vent and have a felt pad inside a locket. Place 3-4 drops of your favourite essential oil on the pad. Refresh the pad when you notice the aroma fade.

PORTABLE ULTRASONIC VAPOURISER - from Lively Living, the Aroma-Move is the size of a drink bottle and sits nicely in most car cup holders. The power socket is half way up the side to avoid any issues with it sitting incorrectly. You are provided with both a mains and a car power plug (cigarette lighter). In the car, please use this diffuser in low mist function on intermittent mode and be mindful of the small space you're working with.


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