Essential Oil Kits & Gift Packs

For many people, essential oils are something that you start off with a small kit or starter pack and then grow on as time goes by. In this category, we have packs available from our 3 major essential oil brands, Lively Living, Eco Modern Essentials and doTERRA. The first two are Australian brands, the last is an international Multi-Level-Marketing company. Their packs have a couple of conditions attached, so please take a moment to read the fine print in the descriptions.

Lively Living have a large selection of aroma diffusers in their range and many single and essential oils blends, most of them organic. They have just one pack which is affordable and a great home starter pack for cleaning / fresh air / happy home.

Eco Modern Essentials have a good selection of packs from their mini packs with 3 oils through to their Aromatherapist Essentials Box for just $150 which comes in its own timber storage box.

doTERRA have larger sets with a premium price tag. Each one represents a significant saving on the single RRP prices of oils. Any packs that are marked as Wholesale Packs also come with the opportunity to purchase other products from the brand for 25% off for 12 months. Most people start with the Home Essentials Kit or the Essentials Collection. Both have the same oils, just with different sized bottles (15ml vs 5ml).


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