Founded in 2009, Cheeki was the first major Australian brand to bring stainless steel water bottles to the Aussie market, which is the year we also started our store and started stocking the brand. Since then, their range of reusable stainless steel ware has expanded to lunch boxes, travel mugs, insulated food jars and stainless steel straws.

The range is made from food grade stainless steel and they have plastic free packaging across the entire brand.

What sets Cheeki apart? Their Classic series water bottles have silicone on the underside of the lid so there's no plastic touching your water. Their insulated food jars have a vented lid to release the pressure from steam builidng up so you'll never have trouble removing the lid. Their lunch boxes are 100% stainless steel and nothing else. Their coffee mugs have a leakproof lid that is easily operated with one hand and you can drink from any direction.


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