We were asked this week which smoothie cup is best for each of the different sizes of smoothies from Boost Juice so we thought we'd do a run down on their smoothie sizes and which of our smoothie cups work with each size.

Boost Juice All Berry Bang
Image via Boost Juice website - All Berry Bang ingredients

Boost Juice Original Size - 610ml (20.63oz)

This is the largest size smoothie that Boost Juice make. Unfortunately all our smoothie cups from Cheeki and Avanti top out at 500ml, so they are not suitable. If you step up to the Klean Kanteen range, their TKWide bottles are insulated, stainless steel, and while most people look at them and instantly think "insulated water bottle" they have so many caps available for them that you can buy a smoothie cap with a straw and convert it.

The 592ml / 20oz bottles will get you so close or you can step up to the next size which is 946ml or 32oz. If they have made a little bit extra, you know, that bit that usually won't fit in the cup and ends up being left in the jug and washed down the sink, if you have a bottle that's a bit bigger, you'll get an extra mouthful 🙂

The other option is our water bottle range from Eco Vessel because the lids are wide as well as the opening. They are available in a straw option and screw lid option. Depending on the thickness of what you order, the straw versions of our Eco Vessel bottles could be exactly what you need.
There are some larger smoothie cups on the market and we are in the process of researching some larger options in smoothie cups made from stainless steel and also from glass.

Cheeki Tumbler

Boost Juice Medium Size - 450ml (15.22oz)

This is the smart size to order for almost every smoothie cup in our store. With the majority of smoothie cups on sale today at around the 500ml size, including the Cheeki tumbler above, you've got room for the whole smoothie and that little bit extra to fit in the cup if they've made it a little too large. The disposable cups from the store are made to the exact size of what they make, our cups are a little more generous in size for the medium size Boost Juice.

You could also hand over an Ever Eco Stainless Steel Cup from their 4 pack and just drink the smoothie out of a cup without a lid and straw if you choose to. They are also 500ml in capacity.

However, the smoothies are priced for people to choose the next size up. Even the reusable cup that Boost used to sell wasn't quite big enough to hold the 610ml smoothie.

Boost Juice Junior Size - 350ml (11.84oz)

There are very few eco options on the market for a glass or stainless steel smoothie cup that's close to this 350ml size. There are plenty of plastic options on the market, but at this stage, a junior 350ml smoothie is still best put in one of our 500ml cups. Even then, they were only 275ml and too small for this smoothie. You can buy reusable plastic smoothie cups with straws directly from Boost Juice, and in the interest of keeping it lightweight for little kids, this is probably your best option. Just take it home, wash it, and keep it in the car so you can take it back in with you on your next trip.

You might want to purchase your own silicone straw to replace the one that comes with the lightweight reusable from Boost because it's a straw that looks quite difficult to clean.