Natural Lip Balm & Treatments

When choosing what's important for your own wellbeing in natural beauty products, things that are worn on the lips are always accidentally ingested. Lip care products are some of the most important to make the natural switch to first. Cracked lips can be painful. In the winter time in particular, a change in weather temperature, wind and internal heating are just some of the things that can cause your lips to become cracked or dry.

In this category you will find traditional budget friendly lip balms from people like Hurraw, the Weleda Skin Food version of a lip balm, plastic free lip balm and more high end nourishing balms that not only heal and soothe the lips but also treat rough skin, abrasions, bites and more. Most balms use some kind of wax to keep the moisture locked in. While beeswax is traditionally a popular option, many natural lip balm brands are using plant based waxes so their products are VEGAN. Choose the Vegan option from our Lifestyle & Ethical Choices filter to find the vegan choices.


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