Natural Concentrated Cleaning Products

Concentrated cleaning products are a great way to get the cleaning products you need with significantly less waste. If you're buying them online, the cost of shipping alone can make it difficult depending on your location. If you're in shops, it's weight you're carrying. Then there's the packaging, 2 litres of liquid comes in a large bottle, usually made of plastic. When you can reduce the amount of plastic being used, it's only a good thing.

Change, from the makers of Cheeki Water Bottles, come in starter packs with a spray bottle and tablets you dissolve. Use the same bottle over and over again and just buy refills. For something different that requires a little more prep time, Ethique, who are famous for their shampoo bars, created a range of concentrates not only for cleaning, but also for washing and conditioning hair, hand wash and body wash. Using a spray bottle you already have, their concentrate, which looks like a little block of white chocolate, gets broken in to small pieces, covered in boiling water and stirred, cooled and then bottled.


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