We get asked a lot for essential oils for anxiety. It's never appropriate for a retailer to prescribe products for a medical condition, but we are pleased that one of our brands has gone through the process of registering their essential oil blend with the TGA. We have a large variety of essential oil blends in store to assist with a wide range of needs, from pregnancy to relaxation, sleep, meditation and so much more, we have our first TGA registered essential oil blend for anxiety from Lively Living. (AUST L 343003). The blend is certified organic by ACO and incorporates seven pure essential oils that provide organic support for stress, anxiety, nervousness and irritability.

The therapeutic benefits of these essential oils for anxiety that have been made in to a blend and have been approved by the TGA for the Lively Living Anxiety Aid Essential Oil Blend are:-

  •  Reduce symptoms of mild anxiety
  •  Reduce the occurrence of irritability
  •  Support healthy body stress recovery
  •  Relieve disturbed sleep
  • Calmative nervous system relaxant
  • Support healthy emotional and mental wellbeing

This anxiety blend was in development for over 12 months and uses 7 powerhouse essential oils for anxiety, also gaining both an ACO certified organic status and TGA approval. It's the first blend in the range to use Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm, known for its grounding properties.

The 7 oils that make up the Anxiety Blend

The 7 essential oils used in the anxiety blend are not only balanced for their aroma, but for their therapeutic benefits as confirmed by the TGA. The aroma profile is a nicely balanced citrus / floral / earthy balance.

Why is Sweet Orange Essential Oil used for anxiety?

This citrus essential oil helps to soothe anxiety and promote calm. It's an uplifting and fresh aroma that everyone is familiar with.

Why is Lavender Essential Oil used for anxiety?

Lavender essential oil is known to help calm the mind, promote sleep, and to help relieve anxiety and nervous tension. It has a floral aroma that is known by all.

Why is Marjoram Essential Oil used for anxiety?

This is a herb normally used in cooking. The essential oil extracted from Marjoram can relax the body, help with insomnia issues and assist with managing stress and anxiety.

Why is Frankincense Essential Oil used for anxiety?

Frankincense is my absolute favourite of all the essential oils. It helps to promote feelings of peace and also helps to calm anxiety and stress. It is a woody & earthy scent and is what many churches use in their incense.

Why is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil used for anxiety?

Ylang Ylang can help reduce mood swings, to lessen tension and stress, promote a positive outlook and has even be known to have some aphrodisiac qualities. On its own it is a very strong and distinct floral aroma. It is balanced nicely in the anxiety blend.

Why is Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil used for anxiety?

We are home to some of the highest quality sandalwood in the world. The essential oil extracted from Australian sandalwood helps to improve calm and clear the mind. It's a grounding oil and helps to provide comfort and sleep support.

Why is Melissa Essential Oil used for anxiety?

Melissa, also known as lemon balm, is a prized oil, is very expensive on its own and takes a lot of leaves to produce a small amount of essential oil. It can help to calm and soothe your mind when it's racing with thoughts. It can also help to stabilise moods, help to reduce mood swings and reduce restlessness at night time.

As the name suggests, this is an AID for anxiety only, it is not a medical treatment. It should not replace any medication or be substituted for medical advice. This essential oil can assist in the management of mild symptoms. We strongly encourage anyone who has ongoing anxiety issues or other mental health concerns to immediately seek professional assistance from a trained professional.

Living Living are an Australian company and currently have the largest range of certified organic essential oils in Australia.