Sol Glass Coffee Cups and Water Bottles

For us, when we went on the hunt for the reusable coffee cup brand we wanted to really get behind, Sol came out the clear winner. It's certainly not the only cup we love, but their attention to detail in the product and the packaging sets them apart. If you are giving a glass coffee cup as a gift, look no further. Your Sol Cup comes in a beautiful gift box that can be saved and used again. We love the boxes so much we took them in to our photo studio to shoot them in action!

Each glass coffee cup is hand blown and finished off with a silicone cafe cap and a generous sized heat sleeve (much taller than other brands on the market). Drinking from your Sol Cup is a joy and getting the lid on and off is simple. Silicone doesn't wear out like plastic, so it will last you for years. It is a full plastic free experience. If you are carrying your cup in your handbag, a lined waterproof carry bag can be purchased so your coffee dregs don't end up spilling in your handbag.

The Sol glass water bottle is a step ahead in design as well. At 850ml capacity, it is larger than most other bottles on the market, has a generous sized hole to drink from (and get inside to clean), only stainless steel on the inside of the lid where you water touches the lid and they come with a free drawstring carry bag and bottle brush cleaner sized perfectly for your bottle. It is this care and attention to detail that sets Sol apart from the rest.


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