One question we get asked a lot is whether you can use natural hair products to wash your pets. It's not a good idea. Why?

It's all about the pH levels

Just as humans & dogs have different diets, and humans can make their own Vitamin D but dogs can't (and they can make their own Vitamin C), the pH level of human skin and dog skin is different. The optimum pH level of human skin is 5.5, which is on the acidic side. In comparison, the pH level of a dogs skin can be anywhere from 5.5 to 8.6 (there's varying information online and it changes between breeds) but it's generally around the 7.0 on average.

You may think that picking up a bottle of organic shampoo or even a gentle baby shampoo is going to be soft & gentle on your dog's skin, but it's not. A dog's skin is alkaline, and this makes it a potential breeding ground for bacterial skin infections if the pH balance of their skin is disrupted. The outer layer of their skin becomes dry, and while their skin is thicker than ours, the epidermis (top layer) is very thin and easily damaged.

It's really important with giving your dog a bath that you choose a pet shampoo specifically designed for dogs.

Featured image is my eldest fur baby Jess, having a really good shake after Carlos from Pamper Dog Wash gave her a bath one day. Yes, we had a good blow dry afterwards, but there's nothing quite like a dog getting that first amazing shake after a bath! The picture of the 3 border collies on the front page of his website are my fur babies too.