Pure Single Essential Oils

Our Pure Essential Oils are single essential oils in a bottle. The only time anything else will be in the bottle is in the case of expensive essential oils that have been diluted in a carrier oil for affordability. In the doTERRA oils range, there are 'touch' oils already pre-diluted in a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil. These prized oils of Neroli, Rose and Jasmine are very expensive straight. In the Eco Aroma range, they have some oils as an advertised percentage, for example their sandalwood essential oil is at 10% and diluted in grape seed oil. Their roller balls are diluted as well.

When browsing this category, feel free to scroll through all the single oils or jump to the SCENT section (to your left) in our REFINE YOUR SEARCH and you can narrow your select down to the specific aroma you're after.


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