Natural Dishwashing Liquid & Soap Blocks

When people ask us for advice on which natural products to change first, dishwashing liquid is always near the top of my list because residue left on plates, glasses, bowls and cutlery can end up being ingested. All the products in our range are made from plant based natural ingredients, all the liquid products are made in Australia with the exception of Ecostore which is a New Zealand brand. If you love a scented product, most of the brands use a series of pure and natural essential oils to not only scent their products, but you will see citrus essential oils heavily featured for their grease cutting powers.

Liquids are available to buy in bulk to not only save money but to use less plastic. Bulk options are available in 5 litre options from both Abode and Kin Kin while Koala Eco offer a 1 litre refill for their 500ml pump which gives a measured does and saves over using the product. For those who want to go completely plastic free, the Dish-Co Bar from No Nasties Home offers a plastic free and bottle free way to wash your dishes. The jumbo It's Hip To Be Square 500g solid dishwashing cube will last the average household around 12 months of dishwashing.


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