Plastic Free Clothes Pegs made from bamboo and stainless steel

Creating a laundy routine that is plastic free is easier to do that you might think. Not all natural cleaning products come packaged in plastic. Laundry liquids can be replaced with soap nuts, woolen dryer balls can help to soften the fabric if you use a dry (and vinegar can be used as a water softener too) and we have two different options for plastic free pegs. You can choose from bamboo or metal clothes pegs to go plastic free.

Our bamboo pegs are made from bamboo and a stainless steel spring and will biodegrade at end of life. Unlike wooden pegs, bamboo are significantly less likely to leave 'tannin stains' on light clothing. They are best brought back inside when not in use to extend their life. Our stainless steel pegs are something you only need to buy once. Choose from three different grades of stainless steel, depending on how close you live to the ocean, and also larger and stronger pegs for windy conditions or pegging thicker items like quilts. The wire pegs DO NOT overheat in the sun. We have spoken with countless customers who live in 35-40°C heat and they are still fine to the touch.

WIRE PEGS GRADE GUIDE201 grade for regular conditions | 304 grade for salty conditions | 316 grade for extreme weather and marine grade


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