Reusable Smoothie Cups

The runner up to the issue that has already been addressed by the giant surge in the use of reusable coffee cups is the single use smoothie cup. Choosing to carry around a smoothie tumbler whether it's made from a reusable plastic or a premium insulated stainless steel cup, every little bit helps. Every day in Australia, vast numbers of people walk around shopping centres with a smoothie cup, a plastic lid AND a plastic straw. They get used for about 15-30 minutes and then go in to landfill (possibly with a small number landing in coffee cup recyclling bays). While the uptake on stainless steel straws is good, I don't see many people using them when they're buying smoothies either. In this category you will find a range of smoothie cups and tumblers designed to be handed over at your local smoothie bar and wide mouth opening drink bottles which can easily be filled from a blender jug, as handing over a standard  water bottle for the same use is usually problematic due to the narrow nature of the mouth opening.


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