We found Australia's best car cup holder expander and its versatility is second to none. It's better than the frank green car cup holder and the Willy & Bear (which is effectively the same style) because ours is universal, adjustable, has the capacity to also hold a coffee cup and your water bottle and the bottom of it is adjustable for the ultimate snug fit in any size car cup holder. Here's your up close and personal look at the Avanti 2-in-1 Universal Coffee Cup and Water Bottle Car Cup Holder.

Avanti Car Cup Holder holding a coffee cup and a water bottle

How many things can the Avanti Car Cup Holder Expander hold?

This universal 2-in-1 has the capacity to hold a small coffee cup as well as your favourite water bottle. The coffee cup section will hold smaller coffee cups. It has a 7cm diameter so check the measurement of your cup. It was made with the 12oz Avanti coffee cups in mind. The water bottle section holds bottles up to 15cm in diameter.

What if I only want to hold one bottle in it?

That's fine. The top section has a full 360 degree rotation available, so it can either sit on top of the coffee cup holder (like it is above) and just hold a single water bottle, or it can be swung around in any direction to get the bottle exactly where you want it.

Avanti car cup holder expander fully opened up

How far does the Avanti Car Cup Holder expand?

The dimensions of this top section start with bottles from 7.3cm diameter all the way up to 15cm. We measured the largest water bottle in our store, and every 2 litre water bottle fits this with plenty of room to spare.

Avanti Car Cup Holder expanded

How does the cup holder expand?

If you look at the picture above, there are 3 expander arms and each slides out independently of the others. When you're using it to hold any water bottle, whether it's made of glass or it's a more sturdy stainless steel water bottle, you will want to keep them even to keep the shape round and hold the water bottle snugly in place, especially if it's a glass water bottle.

What else can I hold in the car cup holder?

Because the arms move independently of each other and because there are 2 holes in each extender arm, you can use this to hold things that aren't quite round as well. It's one of the most versatile products we've seen to sit in a car cup holder.

How does the Avanti Car Cup Holder lock in to place in your car?

In the photo above you'll see there are little extender arms that are poking out just a little bit. There are 3 in total, and as you twist the bottom, they extend out, up to 2cm each, giving an added width of 4cm. If the dimensions of your cup holder are anywhere between 6.5cm and 10.5cm, this product has the capacity to expand to fit it snugly. The other products on the market are a set size and you may get some wobble. That won't happen with the Avanti product. See the image below to see them fully expanded.

Avanti Car Cup Holder Base fully expanded.

How does the Avanti Car Cup Holder Expander compare to the Frank Green Car Cup Holder Expander?

The Avanti car cup holder is adjustable at the base to snugly fit different sized car cup holders and the top is adjustable so it will fit any sized water bottle between 73mm to 150mm. The Frank Green Car Cup Holder will only fit the 1 litre Frank Green Water Bottle and the base isn't adjustable. Avanti is made from solid plastic. Frank Green is silicone.