If you have used Weleda Skin Food before,  you will know this statement to already be true, it really is one of the greatest natural skin care products of all time. It already has a string of awards and nominations to its name, including  the Silver award for best Multi-Purpose Cream in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards, a top 100 listing in the expert curated list of Beautique's Best Beauty Buys and the runner up in the beautyheaven.com.au Best Beauty Buy Awards in 2019.  For a product that was created in 1926, it has really stood the test of time.

In February, WWD put out an industry voted list of the greatest skin care products of all time. It was a worldwide list and included both natural and synthetic products. 25% of the list fell in to the Clean Beauty category which shows that natural skin care products are making their mark in to mainstream right around the world. Weleda Skin Food made it in to the Top 100 list. The original formula has been around since 1926 and has certainly stood the test of time.

The thing that we found really interesting while researching this article was the similarity between Weleda Skin Food and the #2 product on the list, Creme De La Mer which retails for US $345 a jar. If you do a Google search on Weleda Skin Food vs Creme De La Mer you will find a string of articles talking about how similar the results are. People talk about Creme De La Mer being able to soften fine lines, heal acne scars and heal chronic dry patches of skin. All things we have heard about Weleda Skin Food as well.

These 2 products are a true Luxe to Less comparison and both made it on to the WWD's Top 100 Skincare Products of All Time list.

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