Natural Acne Skin Care Treatments

Acne can be treated with natural products effectively. Whether it's teen hormonal breakouts, menstrual cycles, diet or just 'one of those things', we have a range of natural skin care remedies to suite acne prone skin. We have cleansers for acne prone skin that help to keep sebum production under control to reduce breakouts before they appear. Follow up with a moisturiser suited to acne prone skin. You will also find most of these in our combo / oily skin range and they are also very well suited to male skin, which is by nature, more on the oily side than women.

Our natural acne spot treatments come in a few different variations. The pure concentrate of magnesium oil in the Ugly Bits Stick from Amazing Oils is a great way to assist with spot treatment. Tea Tree Essential Oil is also a common ingredient in natural acne spot treatments and can also be used on its own, but it can be a little harsh when it's neat, so we suggest using a formulated product so it's not too drying or damaging to the skin.


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