Reusable Food & Sandwich Wraps

It's a Wrap! There are so many innovative replacments for cling film on the market. Whether you're wrapping snacks, sandwiches, rolls, flatbread wraps or leftovers, there's no need to reach for anything disposable. In this category we have reusables made from fabric, waxed fabric, silicone and super tough plastic made with recycled PET bottles. Here's a run down on each one.

  • Agreena Wraps - made from silicone, they behave the most like cling film and can be washed in hot soapy water and used infinitely.
  • Beeswax Wraps - made from cotton, they are infused with a blend of beeswas, tree resin and an oil. This mixture is infused in to the fabric and makes them pliable and waterproof. Pinch closed by gently melting the wax with the tips of your fingers as you handle them. If you're vegan, there are versions of these that use plant based waxes instead of beeswax.
  • 4myearth - made from cotton wtih a biodegradable water resistant lining, they made wraps, snack pockets, bread bags and reusable food covers out of the same fabric. They are machine washable and close with a strip of velcro.
  • Onya - all about creating reusables from the waste of single use items, their lunch wraps are made from nylon that's produced from using recycled PET single use water bottles. These will stand up to a LOT of rough and tumble. They have a clear, super easy to wipe clean interior lining, a window for a name tag on the outside and secure with two velcro strips. We photographed these in our own photo studio with a sandwich inside to see them in action. These are a 'Buy Quality Buy Once' option and will not need to be replaced every year when your child starts a new grade in school.

For many people, they negate the need for a dedicated lunch box, and they fold down flat for transport home.


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