Lots of people buy beeswax wraps thinking that they are helping the planet by reducing plastic use, which is correct. At this point in time most things are better for the environment than single use plastic. But if you aren't getting the most use out of your wraps, then your contribution to helping this problem is diminished greatly.

One question we often get asked is - how long do Beeswax wraps last for?  The official answer according to most of the makers websites is around 6-12mths. But the thing is, after even a month or so of regular use your wraps can sometimes start to look a bit ratty. They can develop creases where they have been folded too often, or for too long and in some cases the wax can start to lift, or to peel off. Most people, if they didn't know any different would simply throw then in the bin a this point. There are two issues with that - they can be refreshed so you can keep using them, and also once they have reached the end of their life they can be put in the compost not into landfill.

how long do beeswax wraps last for

So how long do Beeswax Wraps last for?

Your Beeswax Wraps can last for a year and beyond with proper love and care. Once they start to look a little aged we recommend freshening your Beeswax Wrap approx once a month if you use them regularly. You can re-wax them once this refreshing no longer seems to be effective. Details on how to do both these things below.  When your Beeswax Wraps life comes to an end you can pop it on the compost!

How do I take care of my Beeswax Wraps after each use?

After use, wash your Beeswax Wrap with one of our natural dishwashing liquids in cool water only, and then let it hang to dry. Warm and hot water will melt the wax and ruin your wraps.

How should I store my beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps can be stored folded in a drawer or in a basket on your bench. If at all possible they will crease less if they are stored flat in a shallow drawer, or rolled up.  Keep out of sunlight and away from sources of heat.

How can I refresh my Beeswax Wraps?

Every 1-3 months once the well used wraps are looking a little creased and tired you can re-set and refresh your Beeswax Wrap. To do this put it on some baking paper on a baking tray in an oven that is as low as possible (around 50-75 degrees will do it) for about 2-3 minutes. Beeswax melts at around 62°C, but it begins to soften before getting to that temperature. This process will warm and slightly melt the wax coating allowing all the cracks to fill back up and the coating over the cotton to smooth back out ready for use again. It will also take care of any small sections where the wax may have peeled off. You should be able to see the wax slowly melt and spread out, soaking back into the cotton and once this is done remove the wrap hang it up and allow it to cool and set again. It takes about a minute to dry so if you have no where to hang it, just gently wave through the air to dry.
NOTE: It is important not to get distracted and leave them in the oven for too long otherwise you will end up with a puddle of wax!

What if refreshing the wraps is not enough?

If refreshing your wraps doesn't seem to be working any more, you can re-wax them. Either by sprinkling a minimal amount of grated beeswax over any sections of the wrap that are feeling worn and heating in the oven as above, or creating a mixture of beeswax and oils to completely re cover the cotton. If you need any ideas on ratios of ingredients to use to completely re make the wraps you will find plenty of ideas on google.

What if I am Vegan?

There are brands on the market that create vegan alternatives. Instead of using beeswax, they use plant based waxes. They don't handle quite as nicely as beeswax with regards to melting to the touch and sealing just using the warmth of your hands, but they are adequate.

I have tried beeswax wraps and they aren't for me. What other options do I have instead of using cling wrap?

If the beeswax wraps aren't for you then silicone food wraps are another popular replacement to cling film. They are a sheet of food grade silicone that stretches to form an airtight seal around food items, bowls and platters.  Check the brand, but many of them can also be used in the oven as a replacement to greaseproof paper and aluminum foil, but we have found that thicker dedicated silicone baking sheets are better for baking.

Other options can be found in our Reusable Sandwich Bags & Food Wraps category which include our 4MyEarth food covers, food bags and snack pockets and also the Stasher Bags, made out of food grade silicone but in a 'zip lock pocket' format instead. These can store snacks, sandwiches and leftovers in them. We no longer stock Stasher, but we have an identical product from Green Essentials at a fraction of the price.

silicone food bag with blueberries