Everything tastes better in glass. Most of the smoothie cup options on the market right now are stainless steel. Their benefits are many, including being incredibly sturdy if you're unlucky enough to drop one, right through to the double wall vacuum insulation they provide. However, there's just nothing quite like drinking from glass.

In 2020, Avanti released a glass smoothie cup in to the market. Here's the features.

  • Made from borosilicate glass.
    It's heat resistant but more importantly for a smoothie use, it means that it's more lightweight than regular soda glass so it's not too heavy to carry.
  • Protected with a silicone cover.
    It's the same concept as when you're on the hunt to buy a glass water bottle,  you want it to be protected as much as possible and to be easy to grip and not prone to slip from your hands.
  • Bamboo Lid.
    Using a minimal amount of plastic in this product, the lid is not made from plastic, it's bamboo. A silicone seal holds the lid in place in the cup and also padding around the straw. The bamboo lid does need to be washed by hand.
  • Remove the lid and it's a nice cup to drink from.
    Not its intended use, but there is no thread or strange lip on the cup so you can simply remove the lid and drink from this glass at a picnic or bbq.
  • Straw included.
    The straw is Tritan Eastman plastic, which is the least likely to retain flavours and smells from any of the plastics on the market. If you don't like the idea of drinking from a reusable plastic straw, you can upgrade to a silicone straw.
  • 500ml capacity.
    If you're grabbing a smoothie on the run, simply check on the board to see which size you should order to fill your cup. Bigger isn't always better.
  • Shape more likely to fit in car cup holders.
    Most of the stainless steel smoothie cups on the market are a a lot wider at the top than the bottom. This taper makes it hard to get them in a lot of car cup holders. The glass smoothie cups from Avanti are straight up and down and 7.5cm in diameter.
  • A colour for everyone.
    Available in 2 fresh pastel colours, a grey and navy (pictured above)