Hair Ties

With the significant increase in the plastic free movement, we go past the coffee cup and straws and head in to the bathroom where everything from loofas to natural shampoo is going through the plastic free process, and hair ties are no different. We have 2 brands of hair ties in store, both made in the same facility but with a couple of small differences. Both brands are 100% biodegradable and packaged plastic free. Both are rubber for stretch instead of elastic, both use organic cotton on the outside. Kooshoo are certified organic.  The Green Essentials hair ties are narrower. The Kooshoo hair ties have a feature at the join and are sized perfectly to wear on the wrist for most people as a bracelet, ready for when you need to quickly whip your hair in to a ponytail. If you love the fun colours and the idea or wearing them around the wrist as a fashion accessory, Kooshoo is your brand. If you're looking for functionality and affordability, Green Essentials is the pick for you.


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