Did you know the best kids hair detangler is natural? 99.9% of parents hate knotty hair!! Totally made up of course, but we don't think we're too far wrong with our guess!!!!

The team from No Nasties who bring us our totally fave natural play make up for kids also have a hair styling range under the brand name SLiCK KiDS. Two products in the range will shrink that 99.9% down to about 2.719% (again, totally made up, but you get where we're going with this.)

There is a safe, natural and affordable fix for the knotty hair horrors and it works just as well, if not better than the toxic stuff! It's just a simple 2 step process that includes one spray and one brush.

STEP ONE kids hair detangler | knot a chance!

The ultimate detangling spray for kids is all natural, vegan and made in Australia. It's also gluten free, smells like mandarin and grape and when the brand say the product is Cruelty Free, of course, it's not tested on animals, but they have also confirmed that no children were forced to ensure any embarrassment from their parents during the making of the product. We have, however, seen the shenanigans on their social media, we're not 100% sure about the kids!!!!

Even the best detangling brush, which we'll introduce you to in a moment, will be assisted by this leave in detangling spray. Smell like delicious mandarin and grape while using the benefits of Australian native extracts of Native Australian Emu Apple for a natural conditioning agent and detangling benefits and Chamomile extract gives brightness and shine to untangled hair which also using the aromatherapy benefits for calming. Who doesn't want calm when you're doing THIS job.

STEP TWO kids hair detangler | the right detangling brush

Fun fact, we sell more of the White brushes than the colours because adults use these brushes too.

The head of the brush is curved and solid with bristles in a row. There's 2 different kind of bristles in the brush, firmer bristles with the little balls on the end which are then surrounded by finer bristles that work their magic in the detangling process. They're gentle and hard working all at the same time.

Use me on wet hair or dry hair, with our without detangling spray and you'll soon learn the difference between what you need between 'a few knots' and 'the hurricane from The Wizard Of Oz'.

white detangler hair brush and detangler spray
kids hair detangler before and after brushing

Your kids hair detangler worked and the knots are out. What's next?

We've got your natural kids hair grooming covered with a range of natural styling products including hair gel, hair paste and hair spray + plastic free hair ties.

Slick Kids Hair Gel for kids

With a medium hold and a lime and mint scent, it's formulated so well that adults will want to use it as well. Aloe vera is used in the formula to hydrate hair, Australian natives Lilli Pilli and Emu Apple adds shine and gloss and helps with anti-frizz, so it's great for wavy and curly hair.

Slick Kids Hair Paste for kids

When the gel won't give you the hold you need, get extreme hold from the Slick Kids Hair Paste. Be creative and hold a whacky style or simply hold a sensible one in place. Slick Kids Hair Paste can do both. You'll smell like coconut and lime and close your eyes and think you're at the beach!

Slick Kids Hair Spray for kids

Non-aerosol and alcohol free, dance mums LOVE the Slick Kids Hair Spray. While it appears wet on application, it dries quickly for a medium hold. I also double as a volumiser when sprayed on the roots.

Plastic Free Hair Ties

Hair ties are usually made from nylon and elastic and when they fall out and get lost, they can end up in waterways. Go eco by choosing our 'no elastic or plastic' options using organic cotton and rubber.