Natural Dental Floss

The evolution of natural dental floss to go along with your natural toothpaste and other natural dental care products has been an interesting one to follow. Originally, the only concerns were what the floss was being coated in and the potential inclusion of ingredients like teflon. As time went on, a lot more things became important to the consumer, including whether the packaging was plastic free or not, whether the floss was biodegradable or whether the floss was vegan. Here's our rundown on what your options are. Unfortunately there is NO option available that's vegan and 100% plastic free. Here's what you have to choose from:-

BASIC FLOSS  (free from teflon and other lab derived lubricants on the floss) = Dr Tung's Smart Floss
100% PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING = the range from Dental Lace
BIODEGRADABLE = the silk floss choices from Dental Lace
VEGAN = the vegan floss from Dental Lace and Noosa Basics (vegan floss options do have a PET / plastic component in the bamboo fibre) 


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