The Happy Sparrow

The Happy Sparrow is Shop Naturally's own brand, officially launched in January 2022. We are using our 13 years experience in the industry to bring you popular products we love, and products that we've put our own little spin on, direct from the factory to you.

A little history. "Sparrow was the nickname given to me in my mid 20's by a work friend who I used to eat lunch with every day. My friend Sally would always finish her lunch first, and I'd be sitting there still picking at mine like a little sparrow, and it stuck!! The brand signifies the rebirth of not only my own personal life, but also getting back to the roots of why we started the business back in 2009, which is to stock products that are hard to find in stores for people who have health issues and sensitivities with an extended focus on being eco friendly. These things make a sparrow happy!" Joanne Swadling, Shop Naturally founder and Managing Director.


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