Natural Toothpaste - Fluoride Free & SLS Free

All our natural toothpaste options in store are free from known irritants found in commercial toothpaste. We are free from fluoride, SLS, triclosan and microbeads. It is well recognised by mainstream dentists that fluoride is a known gut irritant for young children (and they do swallow a fair bit of toothpaste) and microbeads are bad for our oceans. While we know the fluoride vs fluoride-free is a divisive topic,  we have spoken in depth with more than one functional and mainstream dentist and are confident these fluoride free products are the right way to go. We urge you to do your own research and decide whether these products are right for you.

Many customers combine daily brushing with a tongue scraper for fresher breath and to make the tastebuds more effective without irritating the surface of the tongue using a brush and a natural dental floss.


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