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At Shop Naturally, we're shaking things up with our health food category. WIth budgets getting tighter, we are swooping through with our virtual red marker and offering brand wide discounts on a large amount of our organic food range. In conjunction with our Eco Rewards program, you also get the opportunity to earn up to 10% of your spent back in credit to spend again, giving unbeatable prices for our carefully selected range of products, many of which are hard to find in store. Use your Eco Rewards credit to get free food on your next order or to subsidise any shipping charges you may incur. There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES TO PAY for any of these deals.


20% off - Blue Dinosaur, Bragg, Clif Bar
15% off - EM Superfoods, Meadow & Marrow, Niugini Organics, Vego
12% off - Loving Earth
10% off - Sol Ghee

As of Feb/March 2019, we are just at the very start of offering our brand wide discounts. There's lots more on the way.


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