Natural & Organic Mascara

For many, natural mascara can be hit and miss on performance and quality. We have hand selected brands that we know perform well and we have plenty of customer reviews to help you choose what's right for you. Once opened a natural mascara should be used within 3 months of opening, otherwise there is a risk of bacteria starting to form on the wand and in the tube. The exception to this rule is any natural mascara that uses a small amount of a lab derived preservative which doubles the shelf life and reduces the risk of eye infection. From Raww Cosmetics, we have the Moringa Lash Impact Mascara, using monringa oil to stimulate lash growth as you colour and a small amount of the synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol.

From Ere Perez, their Natural Almond Oil Mascara and Waterproof Mascara are a beauty bag staple for so many. These do not contain any lab derived preservatives and the first choice for many.  Almond Oil is available in both a black and brown shade. The waterproof is just available in the black.


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