Eco friendly cleaning products need to have thoughtful packaging wherever possible. The Earthwise Whitener packaging change is the latest in a 'step in the right direction' with our natural cleaning products range. Here at Shop Naturally, we always smile a little when we see brands make more eco friendly choices with their packaging. 

Earthwise is a New Zealand based cleaning range that's stocked in supermarkets over there. In Australia, it's available in good health food stores. It's good to see a product that moves in large volumes in their own country is making an effort to change packaging. Up until recently, this came in a round plastic container. While it was recyclable, it's not a product that needs that kind of protection. The recent change is to pack the Earthwise whitener in the same way the laundry powder is packed, in a cardboard box and WITHOUT a plastic scoop inside. Rather than making you guess how much to use or to need to you take a spoon out of your regular cutlery draw and leave it in the laundry, the Earthwise whitener now comes with an Eco Scoop.

earthwise eco scoop

Your Eco Scoop is made from cardboard and comes packed flat in the box, requiring just three quick folds to turn it in to a measuring scoop. It will last long enough for you to get through the 1kg box which is estimated at 33 regular loads. Once you're done, both the scoop and the box can be recycled or composted.

For those with allergies or sensitivities and loved the original formula, this one hasn't changed. It's the same formula you always loved, just wrapped in eco friendly plastic free packaging.

Most laundry whitening powders are low sudsing and make a great option for cleaning carpets, including the Earthwise Whitener. Mix in a spray bottle with some water and spray on affected area and either dab clean for spots, or wash over it with a home carpet cleaning machine. We don't recommend you put the solution in the machine,  but it can be sprayed on to the carpet prior. Please ensure you patch test before doing a large area.

March 2024 update

Earthwise is no longer being imported in to Australia so the Earthwise whitener is no longer available to purchase. The best natural laundry soaker available in minimal plastic now is from Kin Kin naturals. It's in a pouch instead of a plastic container / bucket like the other brands we sell.

Finding plastic free laundry products is not an easy task. We have always sold Soap Nuts (also called Soapberries), but most powders and liquids are still in plastic bottles or buckets. We are pleased to now be stocking natural laundry detergent sheets that are scented with natural essential oils and not lab derived fragrance. There's even an unscented version that you can use unscented or you then have the opportunity to add your own fragrance to it. Get the distinct scent of Australia with essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon myrtle or tea tree.

There are x major benefit of laundry sheets over a powder.

  1. The sheets are a pre-measured dose so you're not accidentally putting in more powder or liquid than you need.
  2. They are much easier to put in plastic free packaging. Our laundry sheets are packed in a box. It is advisable when you get them in to your own laundry to put them inside an air-tight container so the humidity from your laundry doesn't get them wet.
  3. They are significantly smaller and more lightweight per dose than liquids or powders, so in the case of an online purchase, they are cheaper to ship around, saving you money and also leaving a smaller footprint.