Plastic Free Products - your zero waste living and shopping guide

Living a plastic free life and shopping as plastic free as posssible is becoming easier to do. Every month, we see something new and innovative that's helping to tackle the war on single use plastic. At Shop Naturally, we understand everyone is on a different journey and people are at different stages of that journey. We have created the most comprehensive Plastic Free Online Shopping Guide in Australia. We have split our guide in to five major categories. By scrolling through this main category, you will find a bit of everything. To drill down to what you're really after,  please choose one of our sub-categories below.

  • 100% Plastic Free - every product in this category is 100% plastic free. The packaging may not be, but the product you're buying to use is.
  • Plastic Free Packaging - we take the amount of packaging on products we sell here very seriously. We have rejected many great products because of the ridiculously large amount of wasteful packaging.
  • Plastic Free Product & Packaging - any product that's listed in BOTH of the cateogries above are in here to make them easier to find. This is the category with zero waste.
  • Almost Plastic Free - in here you'll find products that are really close to being plastic free, but there will be something small on the product - nyon bristles on a straw cleaning brush, a clip on a lunch box, a nylon zipper on a food pouch, beauty products packed in glass but with a plastic lid or the bristles on a bamboo toothbrush
  • No Plastic Touches Food or Drink - the big one in here is the underside of the lids of water bottles and lunch boxes. You can't tell if they have plastic underneath or stainless steel unless someone points it out. We also have beeswax wraps, drinkign cups, bamboo cutlery and so much more in this category. There may be plastic in their construction, which you will be able to see from the photographs, but none of it will be touching your food or drink.


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