Safix Biodegradable Scrub Pads

Most commercial scrub pads on the market are made from nylon, come in plastic bags and create a whole lot of waste. Safix have created a scrub pad using waste from the coconut oil industry. The fibres from the outside of the coconut shells is bound together with a non-toxic adhesive and can be used in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom and also as a body exfoliant.

LIFE HACK #1 - If you can't afford a dry body brush or the room in your luggage to travel with one, this is an excellent alternative.
LIFE HACK #2 - If you're using shampoo bars and natural soap bars, you'll get the longest life out of them by allowing them to dry and drain properly between uses. These scrub pads are the most cost effective way to do this.

At end of life, these scrub pads are fully biodegradable and will not leave any waste behind. Their packing is a simple cardboard wrap with no plastic.


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