One natural makeup trend that has continued through lockdowns as a part of a self care ritual many people have adopted is to paint their nails.  It's not just a 'feel good' exercise though, it can be a great way to stop you from biting your nails if you're trying to kick that bad habit! You don't have to sparkle or have your nails stand out, there are plenty of natural nudes to blend in with your every day life.

Three tips for growing healthier and happier nails

  1. Nail biters can have terribly dry skin around the fingers and also an issue with hangnails, that little torn piece of skin next to your nail that can sometimes be really irritating but other times hurt. Before you address any issues with your nails, keep the skin on your hands and fingers well hydrated. A dedicated hand cream will give you longer lasting protection or for troubled hands, give Weleda Skin Food a try and then step back to one of their hand creams once your skin is feeling back to normal.
  2. Use a base coat and a top coat when you paint your nails. Some people's nails take polish better than others. If you find you don't get long lasting results from any polish, try using a base coat. They are formulated differently than colours and top coats and help the polish adhere to your nails. The top coat will prevent chipping and will give added strength to prevent breakages while you're growing them back from biting. A good tip with your top coat is to repaint just your tips every 2-3 days to help keep the ends strong.
  3. Carry a nail file with you. Breakages rarely happen when you're just at home. They happen when you're out enjoying life or busy working. File down the breakage immediately so you don't end up ripping the nail and causing damage. This also helps you to resist the temptation of biting it off.

These tips have been brought to you by the team at our favourite Australian natural nail polish brand, Hanami.