Natural & Organic Eye Makeup

The eyes can be some of the most sensitive parts of the face and boty when it comes to applying cosmetics. When choosing a natural lipstick, it's important to take in to account that you wiill eat some of it. Around the eyes, there is still a mucus membrane to be taken in to consideration, so the suitability for sensitive eyes always comes in to play. We have split our natural and organic eye makeup in to 4 different categories to help you find the perfect product for the task that needs performing.

  • Natural Eyeshadow - we have pressed powders and cream eyeshadows that are certified organic from Inika
  • Natural Mascara - with favourites from Ere Perez and the new Long Lash from Inika
  • Natural Brow Pencils - with shades to suit from blonde to dark brunette
  • Natural Eyeliner - both pencils and liquid, achieve looks from sift and subtle smudges to stunning cats eyes


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