After having a lovely conversation with a soon-to-be bride who was buying bridesmaid gifts and wanted something natural, we put our thinking caps on and came up with seven thoughtful gifts to buy your bridesmaids that can be used in preparation for your big day and also be used on your wedding day.

Collectively, all 7 would make a beautiful gift in a cosmetic pouch or keepsake box with the date your wedding embossed on the lid.

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #1 - Organic Fake Tan

No more horror stories of turning up orange to a big event. By choosing a natural fake tan, you can skip the tanning booth and have a natural and safe DIY fake tan in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on how strong you want the tan, most brands have an overnight lotion or foam and buildable tans that you can use just like a body lotion over several nights, and you just keep building up the glow until you're happy with it. They are usually the much safer option. Not only do you end up with a lovely tan at the end, but the body exfoliation and moisturising benefits of the tan will have your skin feeling amazing on the big day.

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #2 - Waterproof Mascara

Wedding Days are filled with tears of joy and laughter. There's no need for them to also be filled with black streaks running from the eyes of the bride or the bridesmaids. Ditch the stinging and itching eyes from mainstream products and go natural AND waterproof in the same product.

There are a lot of natural mascara choices on the market today, but not many of them are waterproof. The Waterproof Mascara from Australian natural beauty brand Ere Perez is black and gives volume to your lashes with 24 hour coverage. Get that buildable 'wow factor' with multiple coats.
It's easily washed off with a small tub of coconut oil, some jojoba oil or a good quality makeup remover and our makeup remover pad (see Gift Idea Seven).

Ere Perez Mascara on model for bridesmaid gifts

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #3 - Natural Nail Polish

Whether your bridesmaid dresses are a soft & subtle pink or a vibrant coral, purple or anything in between, we have a safe water based nail polish that will match any outfit.

Hanami is an Australian brand of 10-Free natural nail polish with the best colour selection in the country. From subtle nudes and pinks through to metallic golds, silver and purple shimmers, you will have no trouble finding the right colour for your bridesmaids from the Hanami.

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #4 - Natural Perfume

Create a beautiful synergy between the whole bridal party by gifting each of your bridesmaids the same perfume to wear on your big day. Monarch from Vanessa Megan is a balance of sensual musk and earthy florals and by far the best selling natural perfume on the market. It's available in a 10ml mini for a refresh on the run and a full sized 50ml bottle (pictured).

The top notes of Monarch are lavender, with middle notes of ylang ylang, rose absolute and geranium with base notes of patchouli. Only the best quality essential oils are used in this premium Australian brand.

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #5 - Organic SPF Moisturiser

If your wedding has an outdoor setting, you will want to protect the precious skin on your bridesmaids face with a quality sunscreen. You will need to choose something that behaves like a makeup primer and won't ruin their foundation or dry out their skin.

On a day where professional makeup artists are creating a masterpiece, the primer under your foundation is vital to get right. No-one wants dry or flaking foundation half way through a photo shoot.

Look to premium organic skin care brands who have an SPF15 level of protection in their sunscreen. They won't be water resistant for swimming and they'll have a lower concentration of zinc which can be drying to the skin. We love the Mukti Daily Moisturiser with Sunscreen (a tinted version is also available) and the Clemence Organics Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion SPF15

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #6 - Hair Spray Mini

On any given day, most people don't have the need to carry hair spray with them. On a wedding day, it could come in very handy. Giovanni have a mini version of their LA Hold natural hair spray which will fit nicely in to a clutch or purse. Use it for touch ups if the wind picks up after your outdoor shoot.

The Happy Sparrow makeup remover wipes

Natural Bridesmaid Gifts #7 - Makeup Remover Wipes

At the end of your big day, remove your makeup, sweat and grime from what will be a very big day with our ultra soft reusable cotton & bamboo makeup remover pads. Just a little micellar water or jojoba oil with a damp wipe will do the trick. They are washable and can be used over and over again for years. There's an ultra soft velour side specifically for your eye makeup removal.