Bento Lunch Box

What is a bento box? Originating in Japan, the bento lunch box is a lunch box that has dividers in it. The multiple compartments were originally designed to keep rice and noodles separate from cooked veg or meat so it's not all mixed in together. Today the bento box is used to store the lunches of kids and adults.  Keep dips away from dry crackers, protein way from fruit and so much more. Children are notoriously fussy about different foods touching when they are little. Packing their lunch in to a bento box will fix this.

We have adult sized bentos and kid sized bentos in stainless steel and bpa free plastic. Not many bento boxes are leakproof, and those that are, like our Raine Beau (sized for adults and bigger kids with colourful fruit, so they're a great lunch box for anyone) are really only suitable for dip sand yoghurt. True liquid like a  runny dressing should be store in a leakproof snack pot. Our most popular choices are the stainless steel bento boxes. Some are 100% stainless steel, others have a leakproof bpa free plastic  lid. The USA company Lunchbots were the first to bring this style of bento in to Australia, which we have had since our store opened way back in 2009. Local Australian companies have added to our range since then.


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