Have you ever wondered if there's an insulated bento box that will allow you to keep some food hot and some food cold in the same bento box? Enter OmieBox, the first bento lunch box with an insulated food flask that fits inside one of the bento compartments. Let's take a closer look.

Why did Nancy Yen create her insulated bento box?

Founder of Omie Life, Nancy Yen had a her son start pre-school and she wanted to pack both hot and cold food together as her son was missing the warm meals he was eating at home. Until OmieBox was created, the solution was to use an insulated food jar and a lunch box separately. The idea of having them together in the one container hadn't been done before. Since lunch boxes are usually square and the food flasks are round, getting them both in to a lunch bag is quite bulky.

There's also another issue with an insulated food jar. For them to be really effective, they need to be full. If you only half fill a food flask, the insulation period drops. The smallest kids insulated food jars we have found are around 300ml. The insulated food jar in the OmieBox is shallow, wide mouthed and 250ml in capacity as you can see in the photograph below.

How many compartments does the OmieBox insulated bento box have??

When you're not using the insulated food jar or the divider for the compartment on the left, the OmieBox is a 3 compartment bento box. When this insulated bento box is facing you, there's a long compartment on the left that has a removable divider, so it can either be one or two compartments. There is a water bottle that Omiebox make that fits in this compartment perfectly. At this stage we have decided not to stock it. Why? It takes up around 1/3 of the lunch box. If you really want one, let us know.

insulated bento box compartment layout

Compartment 2 is closest to the hinge and is a narrow compartment the same width as the largest square compartment that holds your insulated flask. As you can see from the photographs above, on the days you choose not to use the insulated food flask inside the lunch box, you can make little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and stand them on their side.

Compartment 3 holds the insulated food jar. The compartment is designed with the same smooth finish as the rest of the bento box so you can easily use it with or without the food jar. The food jar can either be left out completely or used outside of the bento box by putting it in an insulated lunch bag with your bento.

Is the whole Omiebox an insulated bento box

It is advertised that way. The plastic components of this bento box are double wall bpa free plastic. Look, in all honesty, you can get a little bit of insulation out of this type of insulation, but not much. We highly recommend this bento lives in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack if it can't go in the fridge at kindy / pre-school which is the age it's designed for. Because of the double wall of plastic, it's actually one of the heavier bentos of this style on the market, although, most of the plastic bento lunch boxes on the market do have inner and outer layers as some have removable trays. This is is 771g empty (including the insulated food jar), so once you add food to it, it probably weighs at least a kilo. The removable food jar is 126g of this weight.

Which version of Omiebox do you sell at Shop Naturally

The Omiebox that you see pictured on our website (the square one), has had 2 incarnations. We have only ever stocked the Omiebox 2.0