Natural Bamboo & Bristle Hair Brushes & Combs

Bamboo is a natural & fast growing plant that requires very little water to grow. It is the perfect material to make both sustainable brushes and combs from. Bass Brushes have an extensive range of different shaped brushes and combs to choose from - from 2 oval sized brushes, a thin rectangular brush and an ergonomic S-shaped brush. Their combs come in a wide / fine combo, a pocket sized fine and a wide tooth comb for wet hair. The pins in the brushes are bamboo and rest on a rubber base for cushioning. The Eco Flex brush is made from compressed natural plant starch and not plastic. Please note, the Mason Pearson brushes use boar bristles in a rubber base but their handles are plastic. These items are a special order item only and not kept in stock.

To continue on your plastic free hair journey, we have an extensive range of shampoo bars, our favourite is the new Australian brand Nuebar. You may also like our Kooshoo Plastic Free Hair Ties to secure your ponytail in place using just naturla rubber and cotton. They are completely biodegradable when they eventually lose their stretch.


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