ProGood Probiotics Australia

Formulated by a leading microbiologist and in conjunction with 8 years of research with the University of NSW and the CSIRO, ProGood (formerly called EntraPro Entralive), these probiotics support gut health by using the best cultures available in conjunction with prebiotics (food for the good bacteria) that can both resist digestion and boost the number of probiotic cultures in your gut.

The two products with the green labels are the same product, with the box version having the prebiotics and the probiotics split in to separate sachets to significantly increase the stability of the product out of the fridge for extended periods of time. For this reason, it's the probiotic of choice for whole olympic sports team in Australia. The green label products contain 30 billion good bacteria per serve. Choose the box if you're travelling for extended periods of time or if you have a need to take a different ratio of prebiotics vs probiotics. The blue jar contains 2 additional strains of good bacteria to give a total of 50 billion good bacteria per serve.

Got questions? While we can't give specific medial advice, any product questions can be answered directly by the formulator, Microbiologist John Ellerman. Simply contact us and give us your phone number and email address and we pass them on to John and he will contact you.


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