We've all seen the social media commentary between the Stanley Cup and the Yeti Tumbler. There are plenty of Stanley Cup Dupes on the market that do exactly the same thing for a fraction of the price, and in one case, that fraction is literally HALF THE PRICE. Has this replaced the insulated water bottle for many? You might decide that's a great idea or a bad one after you get to see all the options up close in this blog.

If you haven't heard of the Stanley Cup or the Yeti Tumbler, they are a giant 1+ litre smoothie tumbler with straw and a handle that are tapered at the bottom to fit in to your car cup holder. They have become a huge fad and the marketing budget that both Stanley and Yeti must have makes my toes curl. Don't worry, you don't have to spend $80 on a Stanley Cup to get exactly the same thing. We spent time road testing and researching quality duplicates and in this blog post we're going to compare all 4 - the Stanley Cup (which we don't sell), the Yeti Tumbler (which we don't sell), the Oasis Insulated Tumbler (best price) and the Ever Eco Insulated Tumbler (which has a feature the others don't).

Stanley Cup Dupe Lids

For me, the biggest difference in all four options we're comparing today are the lids. It's the lid where I think Yeti falls short, and I'll show it to you first. You might remove Yeti from your choices just from this alone.

The Yeti Rambler Lid

Yeti Tumbler Lid
Yeti Rambler Lid

There's no thread, it's just clear plastic with some silicone around it and it pushes in to place and it has a hole for the straw. While we understand they're designed to be kept upright, I fear when you accidentally knock your Yeti Tumbler over, the drink is going everywhere and the lid may come off.

The Stanley Cup Lid and the Oasis Insulated Tumbler Lid

These are being grouped together because they are exactly the same design. The photos below are of the Oasis Tumbler Lid that we took ourselves.

This first photo is showing the underside of the lid first so you can easily understand how it works and why it's my favourite.

The underside of the Oasis Tumbler / Stanley Cup Lid
The underside of the Oasis Tumbler / Stanley Cup Lid design

The lid is clear so you can see how much smoothie / water you have left. There is a spinning piece (that you'll see further down) that can have the lid in 3 positions. There's one drinking hole and the three positions are Silicone Straw Plug (which is what you're seeing now), Cafe Cap opening and Closed.

When this lid is closed, you'll see a little silicone shaped 'plug' near my pinky finger in this photo. This silicone plug covers the cafe cap opening. It's not completely leakproof, but you can knock this one over in the closed position without fear of the lid coming off and without losing the entire contents of the tumbler in about 10 seconds.

Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in drinking straw position
Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in drinking straw position
Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in cafe cap position
Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in cafe cap position
Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in the closed position
Oasis / Stanley lid design - lid in the closed position

The Ever Eco Tumbler Lid

This is a different design and for me, sits somewhere between the other two options with just one feature missing, which really isn't much of an issue, unless you're a bit clumsy and knock things over (I'm certainly guilty of it on more than one occasion).

Ever Eco Tumbler Lid
Ever Eco 1.18L Insulated Tumbler Lid up close

Ever Eco make smaller smoothie tumblers than this, and they all have a design like the Yeti lid. When they stepped in to the Stanley Cup Dupe space, they put a lot more thought in to the lid design and went with their own design option.

The image on the left is the straw position (and the straw is unique on this cup and will make it the WINNER for many people), image #2 has the cover slide over and reveal a cafe cap opening. Image #3 shows the screw thread. It's a shallow thread, so be sure when you put the lid on that you take the time to do it properly, or water will come out if you tip it up and drink from the cafe cap.

Hot tip for any screw lid to make sure it's aligned properly, before screwing it clockwise to close it, screw the lid anti-clockwise first and you feel it DROP IN TO THE THREAD. Once you feel it drop, start turning clockwise. Years ago on an earlier version the Camelbak water bottle with the Chute lid, we had issues with them being a little difficult to close. This hot tip fixed it every time.

Image #4 shows the underside. Unlike the rest of the cups, the lid is not clear on this one. If you want to know how much is left inside, you need to remove the lid, guess by weight, the sound of the slurping through the straw or any other way you can tell.

The thing that's missing from this is that there's no completely closed position. When the cafe cap hole is covered, the straw hole is only covered by a piece of silicone with slits cut in it ready for your straw. Water will come out if you tip it over, at a slightly faster rate than the Oasis / Stanley, but slower than Yeti. None of these cups are designed to be laid down, they're designed to be stood up. If you want something rollling around your gym bag, buy a water bottle.

Stanley Cup Dupe Straws

Ever Eco is the clear winner with their silicone tipped stainless steel straw

Ever Eco is the only brand that stepped away from the norm and used a stainless steel straw in their insulated tumbler. Now, I'm not a fan of stainless steel straws in smoothie cups and we actually discontinued all the cups that had a raw stainless steel straw to drink from. They are a safety issue to drink on the go. However, the addition of the silicone straw topper fixes this issue. The silicone does push further down the straw than what our photographs indicate, but we wanted to show it was a stainless steel straw with a silicone top. Ever Eco even went to the trouble of providing a sippy straw cleaner the same length as the straw. The length of the straw is 30.5cm. There are people around who sell straws that long (we don't), but without the silicone toppers. I strongly urge you not to walk around drinking out of a smoothie cup with a stainless steel straw in it.

The other three brands all have a bpa free Tritan plastic straw and no straw cleaner. Unless you have a sensitivity to the taste of nickel like I do, the stainless steel straw is more durable and won't ever need replacing.

Stanley Cup Dupe Volumes

The Stanley Cup come in a 30oz (887ml) and a 40oz (1182ml) with a handle and straw.

Yeti Tumblers come in a size range of sizes. A 296ml wine tumbler, 591ml smoothie cup, 887ml tumbler (all without handles and straws). Their straw and handle versions comg in a 35oz (1 litre) and a 25oz (739ml) making them the odd one out in sizing.

The Ever Eco Tumblers are 1.18L in capacity with a straw and a handle. They also make a 295ml coffee cup, a 354ml drinking tumbler (shaped like a wine glass without a stem), a 592ml tumbler (no straw or handle), an 887ml tumbler with a tapered base (no straw or handle). We only stock the 1.18L.

Oasis make a 1.2 litre tumbler and a smaller 600ml smoothie cup with a silicone straw but no handle. We stock both of these. Oasis have many other tumbler shapes and sizes but we do not stock them.

Stanley Cup Dupe Price Comparison

The prices are in Australian dollars, were correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

STANLEY CUP (1.18L) RRP $79.95
OASIS TUMBLER (1.2L) RRP $67.95 on sale for $39.95
EVER ECO 1.18L RRP $47.95 to $49.95 depending on the paint on the outside

As far as value for money goes, the clear winner is Oasis which is closely followed by Ever Eco due to the upgrade in their straw and the straw cleaner that comes with it.

At Shop Naturally, we sell the Oasis and the Ever Eco duplicates.