Ecyo have helped to solve a problem we have here at Shop Naturally. One of the things we do in the daily running of Shop Naturally that we don't particularly like is to ship water to people. It's in so many products in our store, many of which can't be helped, but it's particularly prevalent in our eco friendly cleaning products aisle. To make the range more eco friendly than it is, finding products that are concentrated is the most desirable outcome for everyone. You can get water out of the tap in your own home, so anything we can sell and promote that reduces the volume of water we ship is a step in the right direction. With freight costs on the rise, the smallest footprint we can leave, the better.

Ecyo are an Australian brand who specialise in concentrated cleaning pods that get dropped in to a spray bottle with some water and quickly dissolve to create a liquid spray without us having to ship the water to you. You can make it up in a bottle you already have, or buy one from us and use it over and over again.

ecyo stickers

Each pod comes with a sticker so you stick it on whatever bottle you choose to make it up in and write the best before date on it. Diluted at home Ecyo sprays are best used within 6 months of being prepared, so Ecyo created a spot on the label to put that information in.

While the Ecyo range started with the cleaning pods that you can see above (and there's cleaning pods for multi-purpose cleaning, bathrooms, anti-bacterial, kitchen degreasing, hard floors and windows), there's also a dishwasher tablet and foaming handwash in the range.

Q1. Who are the founders of Ecyo?

A. Avril, Gillian and Louise, three sisters who grew up in the inner west of Sydney. The business is now predominantly run by Avril and her Husband out of Wagga in regional NSW.

Q2. What inspired you to create Ecyo?

A. (Avril) We were inspired to start ecyo when I had young twins and lived in a small town with no family around, I was embarrassed by the huge amount of waste my little fam and I created on a weekly basis. I tried and failed at being an eco-goddess (later diagnosed at age 40 with Inattentive ADHD… I now know why I struggled), but I had always been good at working and ideas. I knew my different way of thinking could help the world by doing something on a larger scale.
Our family has always been in the manufacturing business, and our Dad is a chemical engineer so we had the expertise, just had to get creating! As a busy mum who struggled with the every day, our main aim was to make eco-waste-free products that worked. We didn’t have time (and knew others wouldn’t either) to bother with products that would do a half job so we put all our efforts into making high quality waste free products using plant based ingredients.

ecyo dishwashing tablets

Q3. What is your favourite product in the range?

A. Tricky, question! At home, we use on a daily basis the mandarin and bergamot soap refills, and the Activated Charcoal Dishwasher Tablets. In the cleaning range, my fav’s are the kitchen degreaser for its oomph, and the bathroom cleaning pods.

Q4. Who inspires you in life?

A. Honestly, my parents, in their 70s now they still work so hard, have very high ethics and are very generous with their time.

Q5. What are your future plans?

A. Our big goal from day one was to be able to manufacture the products locally in regional NSW. This plan is edging closer to a reality which we’re thrilled about.