The new 2 litre water bottle from Cheeki, the Cheeki Chiller, is a tradie's best friend, but it's so much more than that. Read on to find out what makes it great for taking out on the job site but why it's capable of a multitude of tasks.

What makes the Cheeki Chiller tough?

There are 2 components of the Cheeki Chiller bottle that have been made tougher than the rest of the range, because the bottle was designed with the tradie and worksites in mind as the primary user.

The first is the painted exterior. The outer layer of paint is matte and it's a tougher paint than the rest of the stainless steel water bottle range from Cheeki. While we can't guarantee that you won't scratch or chip it, this bottle will stand up to more 'rough and tumble' than the rest of the range.

The second is the construction of the lid. It's a wide mouth lid and it has a heavy duty bpa free plastic handle to grip on the lid. This allows you to carry this
insulated water bottle around safely without it slipping out of your hand. When the bottle is full, it weighs approx 3kg (just under 2kg for the water and around 1kg for the double wall stainless steel bottle). Keeping a firm grip on it while you're carrying it around is important.

How long does the Cheeki Chiller insulate for?

The Cheeki Chiller has an insulation rating for both cold drink and hot drink. The cold insulation rating is up to 48 hours. The hot insulation rating is up to 24 hours.

What do the insulation ratings actually mean?

This statement is true for any insulated drink bottle or thermos flask or food flask whether it's made by Cheeki or another brand. There is no heating or cooling element in these products so they are not able to maintain the original temperature for the duration of the rating period.

For hot insulation, at the end of the rating time, the contents inside should still be holding around half their original heat as long as the product was added hot, the bottle or flask was pre-heated with boiling water, the bottle or flask was completely full and the lid was not removed during the rating time period. Anything down from that, your performance will start to drop. Not having it full, not preheating, repeatedly taking the lid on and off, these will all affect insulation performance.

The best way to tell that the hot insulation feature is working in your bottle is to fill it with boiling water, put the lid on, wait 5 minutes and then put your hands around the middle. If it's still cool to the touch, your bottle is fine. If it's hot, then the vacuum seal has popped. A properly functioning insulated water bottle will always feel a little warm full of hot water when you get up to wear the thread is, because that's where the insulation stops.

For cold insulation, put your water or drink in ice cold and put some ice cubes in. If you don't want to dilute your drink, pre-chill it with ice water then pour it out on your garden or use it for your indoor plants, because you will need a full 2 litres to chill it.

What can I put in my Cheeki Chiller insulated bottle?

It's safe to put still liquids in. Water, tea, coffee etc. Be careful with any type of acidic juice. There's mixed information online about whether you can put orange juice in a stainless steel water bottle. We recommend you don't. Carbonated liquids are not suitable for the seal on the lid and should be avoided. If you have soup or a runny casserole or any other hot food that's not acidic that will pour out of the wide spout, they're suitable additions as well.

How do I wash my Cheeki Chiller bottle?

Hand wash me in warm soapy water. It's not necessary to use a natural dishwashing liquid, but we always think it's better to use it for health reasons and for grey water systems. You could even go plastic free and use one of our dishwashing soap blocks or buy your dishwashing liquid in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic being used and to reduce the cost.