This is a kids makeup kit like you haven't seen before. An Australian first, this is a natural play makeup kit with pressed powders inside instead of loose powders. Less mess = better value for money in the long run, and best of all, the pressed powders are made in Australia.

From loose powder with a sifter to pressed powder - the kids makeup kit with less mess than before

Every natural play makeup brand in Australia uses loose powders with a screw lid and a sifter. When you tip it up, you control the amount of powder that comes out through the 6 little holes (pictured below), but there is always a little mess and a little waste.

no nasties pressed powder blush

In 2023, No Nasties became the first natural play makeup brand in Australia to use pressed powders in their makeup kits and they manufacture the pressed powders on site in their own facility, so there's no waste, no footprint for freighting them around the country or across the planet after manufacture.

What No Nasties packs are the pressed powders available in?

On launch, the most popular kit, Nala, which is the deluxe kit in the pink colour palette is available in the new pressed version. The other three packs are still being sold in the loose powder versions and we expect them all to swap over in the first quarter of 2024. The photo below shows the new Nala gift box open. The box is a keepsake with a magnetic closure. 2 packs of nail stickers are slotted in to the pocket where the greeting is.

kids makeup kit with pressed powders

What's in the No Nasties Nala Pressed Powder Kit

Nala is packaged like no other natural kids makeup kit on the market. It's in a beautifully presented Luxe Magnet Closure Box and it contains the following products, which all have their place in the box:-
3 x pressed eye shadows (pink, white and purple)
1 x pressed blush
1 x bamboo sponge applicator brush
1 x latex free sponge
1 x strawberry lip gloss (with wand applicator)
2 x sets of nail stickers (unicorn and princess)

The box will outlast the pressed powders and the lip gloss can be easily replaced when it runs out.

Can you buy the pressed powders singly?

Yes you can, and in more shades than you can currently get in the kids makeup kit versions. There are 5 pressed powders in total.
1. Eye Shadow Pink
2. Eye Shadow Blue
3. Eye Shadow Purple
4. Eye Shadow Mint
5. Blush Peach
On launch, they were all under $10 each. Please check the SHOP THIS ARTICLE for the latest accurate pricing.

Why do we love the blush in the new kids makeup kit?

While some kids makeup is overtly fun and bright - hot pink and bright purple nail polish for example, we love that the new blush in the No Nasties pressed powders is a warm pastel peach colour. It gives cheeks a subtle glow without being overt.

No Nasties Strawberry Cupcake Lip Gloss

What's different about the lip gloss in the new Nala pack?

The new lip gloss range from No Nasties is now in a wand applicator so the gloss can be applied without the need for fingers to get sticky. The gloss is lightly coloured and naturally flavoured. When this runs out in the kit, as we expect it to run out before the powders do, you can buy a replacement and slot it in the same place in the box.

A matching Strawberry Cupcake natural nail polish can be purchased as an optional extra. The nail polish is also scented and is very much for 'play' not for stay, so it's easy to peel off when you're child is done playing.