Enviro Products

Enviro Products is home to the original 2 litre water bottle. Shaped like a mini water cooler bottle with a built in handle on the side, the Eastar 2.2 litre bottle is great for storing filtered water or carrying water to a picnic or bbq. Use it to store your daily water requirements. A larger 3.8 bottle is also in the range. Be advised that as a plastic water bottle, they are prone to breakage if dropped. If they're going to be used by someone who may knock the bottle around, we recommend the use of a stainless steel water bottle instead, and we do have options, both single wall and insulated in sizes around the 2 litre mark.

For those who like to filter their drinking water but would prefer to leave the fluoride in place, Enviro Products are also the producers of the one water filter jug in our range that doesn't remove fluoride from your drinking water.


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