Waters Co Australia Fluoride Water Filters

For an affordable quality solution to fluoride filtration at home for an amazing price, nothing beats the water jugs from Waters Co Australia. At just 2 cents per litre to run, you can remove 99.99% of chlorine, fluoride and other regular contaminants and also remineralise your drinking water. If you're looking to filter larger volumes of water, the glass reservoir bench tops in this brand are a worthwhile investment, with filter cartridge kits with your initial purchase that last you for years. For travelling, the 600ml pot will slip in to your handbag and negate the need for buying bottled water, no matter where you are. Simply fill your own water bottle on the go.

UPGRADE GUARANTEE - any time Waters Co upgrade their filter systems, if the new cartridges don't fit your old filter, there's an upgrade guarantee in place to get you a complete new system for only the price of your replacement cartridge sets. Offer is valid when your filter system is due for new cartridges and simply requires a proof of purchase to qualify, whether you bought it from us or elsewhere.


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