Eco Bud

Eco Bud are an Australian company known for their water fliter jug, the Gentoo. The original Gentoo was a slimline plastic jug using a filter cartridge that has a 3 month life span, makes the water alkaline and removes up to 98% of fluoride from your drinking water. It is a simple one cartridge system, with a quick flushing system before you can start drinking the water from it.

While this slimline plastic jug no longer exists, it was replaced with a round glass jug using the same filter cartridge as the original, and in mid 2019, a Lite verion of the Gentoo came back on the market with a bpa free plastic construction in the same round shape as the glass Gentoo. For those who need a larger filtering capacity than a jug, we have benchtop water filters available as well. Plesae visit our water filter category for alternatives.


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